Just Chill: Hot Weather Health Tips

  The mercury is in the high 80s around the country this July; some folks may even see a steamy 90 degrees. When it’s this hot outside, it’s best to proceed with caution, even if you’re just running errands and going about your day, advise experts at the National Institutes … Continue reading

A Little Mood Music: 9 Songs To Help You Reset & Be Your Best Self

Music is power. The right song can take you from pain to inspiration and transform your mood to belief, power, and I can-do-it. Yes. Life is a soundtrack and when you select a winning compilation, all your struggles seem worth it. I have pressed reset several times and taken many … Continue reading

Meet Top Model: From Group Home to Diva!

The Diva’s Guide to Style and Self-Respect is a must-have book for every young teen and tween navigating the landscape of choices and consequences. Our girls need help and often times they are not talking to us openly. It’s our mandate to arm and equip children with love, passion, communication, … Continue reading

Firewalk: I Did It and My Partner was Chicken

Do you have an accountability partner? You know a buddy or a coach that will cheer you on and keep you motivated to reach your goal? This past weekend I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within, 4-day conference in New Jersey. The experience forced me to tap into self … Continue reading

The Jumpoff: Real Talk with Janet & Karen

Hello, I was just thinking about how digital media has allowed us all to channel our style and share information. Here is the show that started it all for me three years ago in Janet’s attic,‘Real Talk’ with Janet & Karen, your entertainment/lifestyle/health/motivational mommy moment web-series starring two ladies reinventing … Continue reading