Let’s Party! #YourLifeInTheWaterMatters

Party Details: Join us on 5/12/2015 @7PMEST for a candid discussion on swimming and drowning prevention. Hosts: @swimswimswimisa & @thebrandnewmom Hashtag: #yourlifeinthewatermatters PRIZES ~ About Agnes Davis/swim swim swim I SAY: The mission of sssIS is to introduce swimming as an empowerment tool and total body exercise while encouraging children … Continue reading

Beauty Reset: Doreen Motton Created Satin Hydration Therapy Pillowcases To Save Our Hair

  Raise your hand if you are looking for a simple product to save your hair, restore sheen and keep the sexy in the morning? This week’s reset is about beauty, tapping into your intellectual property, filling a void in the marketplace and taking a chance to promote, restore and … Continue reading

Marsha Page Used Weight Loss As Motivation To Experiment With Makeup & Discovered Her Passion

Raise your hands if you are feeling tired, overweight, over-scheduled and simply run down from life’s challenges. Is your inner/outer beauty being held captive by life? Worry not! This week’s #RESET is about remixing your beauty and unleashing the true, confident you with inspiration and makeup. The global cosmetics industry … Continue reading

Time To Tap Into Your Pre-Momma Self And Get Courageous

We all struggle with a bunch of big “S”s: self-esteem, style and (career) strategies after having children. Maybe you gained a little extra cushion. Just had a baby. Lost your job. Had a bad breakup. Or you’re low on cash. Regardless, you lost your sexy and you are not alone. … Continue reading

Brand You: Speak With Kindness

You are stupid! That statement can defeat the strongest person and yet many people hear that about themselves from others daily. Stop accepting and receiving weak words. Words matter. The words we utter to ourselves and receive from others is crucial to take ones personal brand from defeat to triumph. … Continue reading