Moms We Love: Keeping it Cool and Chic

By Naima Turner During the summer months, when the heat is intense and your schedule is packed, figuring out what to wear to withstand the heat may seem like a chore. Sure, staying cool is top of mind, but keeping your image together in spite of the high temperatures and … Continue reading

Don’t Judge Me: I’m A Single Mom Living My Life

Life is about living on your terms however most us never get a chance.  We are judged on everything: race, gender, height, finance and yes, teenage decisions. “I knew everything was stacked against me but, I never allowed the statistic to deter me from winning and living life,” says Shaquanda … Continue reading

Motherhood Sexy: Pole dancing, heels, cocktails

We all struggle with the sexy. Maybe you gained a little extra cushion; just had a baby; bad breakup; recently divorced; and/or you’re dead broke. Regardless, you lost your sexy, and you are not alone. After I had my daughter at the age of 40, breastfed for almost 2 years, … Continue reading

Meet Top Model: From Group Home to Diva!

The Diva’s Guide to Style and Self-Respect is a must-have book for every young teen and tween navigating the landscape of choices and consequences. Our girls need help and often times they are not talking to us openly. It’s our mandate to arm and equip children with love, passion, communication, … Continue reading