Got Weekend Plans? Try Family, Fun And Boating

    Happy Friday! You are only as happy as your experience. Looking for a fun, family activity this weekend, September 18-21? How about attending the 39th Annual Norwalk Boat Show and remixing your thoughts? Every year the Norwalk Boat Show, sponsored by Progressive Insurance, brings together over 400 boats … Continue reading

365 Days Fitness: 6 Reasons Swimming Should Be Year Round

Agnes Davis, CEO of swim swim swim I SAY, the only female owned and operated swimming company based in Upper Manhattan servicing Harlem and the Bronx is on a health crusade to get children and adults into the water all year long. Fall through winter classes begin on September 20; … Continue reading

The Real Deal on Marriage After the Vows: HBO’s 112 Weddings

  Remember the day you exchanged vows with the love of your life? Remember the day you delivered the first baby? Remember how life, sex and career changed after? All I can say is that if you have not yet seen the documentary on HBO, 112 Weddings, do self a … Continue reading

Grandma Lurlene’s Branding Tips

As I reflect on my relationship with my Grandmother, I realized she taught me a lot about branding.   Branding is simply a consistent feeling, image, and experience desired from a product conveyed to the general public. Basically, you – the person/entrepreneur – are the brand. The minute someone interfaces … Continue reading

Iyanla, Fix My Life: Call A Thing A Thing

Last night, I watched Iyanlas’s Fix My Life on the OWN Network and loved it. Iyanla has a way to get to the core of the pain while healing you and her at the same time. Her authenticity to say that I’ve made mistakes and still here is so empowering … Continue reading