Beauty Reset: Doreen Motton Created Satin Hydration Therapy Pillowcases To Save Our Hair

  Raise your hand if you are looking for a simple product to save your hair, restore sheen and keep the sexy in the morning? This week’s reset is about beauty, tapping into your intellectual property, filling a void in the marketplace and taking a chance to promote, restore and … Continue reading

Brand You: Speak With Kindness

You are stupid! That statement can defeat the strongest person and yet many people hear that about themselves from others daily. Stop accepting and receiving weak words. Words matter. The words we utter to ourselves and receive from others is crucial to take ones personal brand from defeat to triumph. … Continue reading

#BrandYou: It’s More Than Just Calories

Brand health is everything. #Brandyou A fit brand means that all cylinders – health, mind, body and spirit– are operating at an optimal level. Just like the next person, I once struggled with my weight. As moms/dads/entrepreneurs and talented individuals, we’ve got to carve out time to get moving, even … Continue reading

Get Unstuck: Time For A Brand Upgrade

Are you ready to make a brand upgrade and shape-shift your outlook? Does your personal brand feel stale, stagnant and simply lifeless? When my brand and life get stuck, I take a moment, breathe and change my perspective. #brandyou Just like brands repackage their product, change the color, add a … Continue reading

3 Secrets to Business Success That All Women Should Know and Be Able to Do

By Kara Stevens I had such a great time at Karen Taylor Bass’ Power Brunch event last week. She’s a PR badass! As a Queens girl that is tired of having to trek to Manhattan for a little culture and sophistication, I was so impressed by Bass’ choice of venue—Pa-nash, … Continue reading