Rihanna: Pain, Youth and the Spotlight

It’s not easy when you love hard and never have the chance to heal. Rihanna’s first love is undoubtedly Chris Brown. She needs time to heal, away from the spotlight and allow herself to simply be. #Prayerup for Rihanna and Chris Brown. First Look: Rihanna Opens Up About Chris Brown … Continue reading

Ask The PR Expert/The Brand New Mommy: Is Chris Brown’s brand in jeopardy (again)?

Question: Is Chris Brown’s brand in jeopardy? Answer: No. His brand is probably stronger, given his recent incident at ABC’s Good Morning America. Celebrities gone wild/mad is the new B-L-A-C-K! Here’s why: 1) People love drama and it’s the season for celebrity train wrecks – ala Charlie Sheen and Lindsey … Continue reading