Time To Tap Into Your Pre-Momma Self And Get Courageous

We all struggle with a bunch of big “S”s: self-esteem, style and (career) strategies after having children. Maybe you gained a little extra cushion. Just had a baby. Lost your job. Had a bad breakup. Or you’re low on cash. Regardless, you lost your sexy and you are not alone. … Continue reading

Don’t Give Up, Moms: Less Than 90 Days To Turn 2014 Around

Can you believe that 2014 is almost over? We are in the crisp season of fall, the month of October and there’s less than 90 days to remix and turn 2014 around. #brandyou. Video: http://mommynoire.com/269932/turn-2014-around/#ooid=M5Z2N4cDq_WvHrLxId-sFfHh6yt8uhB8 As I take a moment to enjoy all the pumpkin spice and apple cider this month, my … Continue reading