#WomenHistoryMonth: Phenomenal Women Saluting Young Girls Ages 7-18

Marsha’s Makeovers Invites 100 Girls To Get Inspired Women’s History Month, Free Event in Brooklyn, Performance by Les Nubians     Marsha’s Makeovers Pay It Forward Free Event, 3/31/15 Makeup artist Marsha Page, CEO of Marsha’s Makeovers, (www.marshasmakeovers.com (http://www.marshasmakeovers.com)) is paying it forward for Women’s History Month with a free … Continue reading

Marsha Page Used Weight Loss As Motivation To Experiment With Makeup & Discovered Her Passion

Raise your hands if you are feeling tired, overweight, over-scheduled and simply run down from life’s challenges. Is your inner/outer beauty being held captive by life? Worry not! This week’s #RESET is about remixing your beauty and unleashing the true, confident you with inspiration and makeup. The global cosmetics industry … Continue reading

Brand You: Rihanna’s Stylist Says Tap Into Your Unique Beauty with Motions

Nothing spells power and confidence than fabulous healthy and shiny hair. As a busy brand mom and PR Expert, I must share a secret with you – I am a product junkie! Yes. I’ve sampled countless products this year and most fell short of expectations except for Motions. My hair … Continue reading

Real Talk: How to Recover Like a Younger You

Remember Your 20s? Food Science Expert Shares  5 Nutrients That Help You Feel Younger While barbecues, sports leagues, family vacations, days at the beach and nights out with friends are fun, keeping up with summer recreation while maintaining a steady work schedule can be challenging, says Budge Collinson. And before … Continue reading