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Parenting: Are You Ready to Be a Brand New Mommy? August 3rd, 2010 – By Kweli Wright Tweet This Email This Share on Facebook Madames, there is life after baby. When we become mothers, our bodies and schedules change, but our perspectives on life, love, and work have to change … Continue reading

Renew Your (Brand) Passion Mommy… F.R.E.E. Tele-Call

It’s not easy for us to put ourselves first … so many people are competing and ultimately win for our time/attention. Let’s see you have family, career, friend, church, sorority, networking organization and so on … We decided at The Brand New Mommy to offer a renew your (brand) passion … Continue reading

A Teachable Moment … For Whom?

This morning I woke up with some random thoughts and wanted to simply air my laundry. Is that okay? 1) Brand Black Woman is she really understood? NAACP, White House, and other media outlets following the lead of FOX News as it relates to inaccurate reporting and not doing a … Continue reading