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At 2013 Taylor Bass Spa Retreat taking time to just be.

At 2013 Taylor Bass Spa Retreat taking time to just be.

Some of these services include:

  • Digital Content for blogs and magazines
  • Management of your Social Media program
  • Keynote speaker to address your group/organization
  • Blogging for your Business
  • Hosting your Blogger Event
  • Becoming your Brand Ambassador/Brand Enthusiast
  • Hosting a Twitter Party for your Business
  • Advertising on The Brand New Mommy site
  • Promoting your message on Twitter
  • Reviewing your products
  • Hosting a giveaway of your products
  • Sponsored Post
  • Social Media/Blogging Conference Sponsorship

Let’s talk about how The Brand New Mommy can empower/connect your audience! Contact – Karen Taylor Bass today!

The Brand New Mommy, Karen Taylor Bass can help brands and businesses win with a mommy-friendly message to entice, engage and empower women and entrepreneurs seeking to renew and redefine their personal ‘brand’ post childbirth.

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