Monica: Wife & ‘Brand’ Mom Talks ReInvention

R&B Singer Monica shares her tips that keep her ‘Standing’ strong as she re-invents her career Mommy-hood is no easy feat; regardless of age your mind, body, spirit and career will never be the same. The moment you meet your healthy and beautiful bundle of joy, your priorities will shift … Continue reading

Meet Brand Mom: Cassandra Connors, CEO & Founder, Bella Bag

Each week at The Brand New Mommy, we salute a Brand Mom and this week is the inspiring, Cassandra Connors. Blessed Asset:  Leah Froehling, 14 months - daughter and my hubby, Brian Froehling Current Position: CEO & Founder, Bella Bag In Casey’s Own Words:  (How has Bella Bag changed as a … Continue reading

Real Talk: How To Read Food Labels to Stay Healthy

Agnes Davis, CEO of swim swim swim I SAY,  the only female owned and operated swimming company, based in Upper Manhattan servicing Harlem and the Bronx teaches just more than swimming to over 100 students and families. Davis is on a mission to inform her students and parents that incorporating … Continue reading

Reset: The Motherhood Experience

The Motherhood Experience by Guest ‘Brand’ Mom blogger, Kimberly Batchelor Davis Motherhood is a journey, not a destination. It is an individualized path, an experience that will be as unique to the mother as fingerprints are to humans. This is an experience that should be shared, embraced and celebrated. No … Continue reading

Reset: 3 Careers Until Seven Brown Found Her Calling As A Skincare Expert

How many times do you press RESET? As many times as you need to live and fulfill your passion and bliss. Meet Seven Brown. She is a native New Yorker, bilingual, a mother of four (ages ranging from 11 to 27), a grandma, and she’s embracing her third reset career … Continue reading

Brand Finance: 3 Tips to Buying A Home Stress-Free

  Mistake # 1: Shopping for a home without a home loan -          Why it’s a mistake?  Without a pre-approved home loan, most sellers won’t give you the time of day. Many experienced real estate agents will ask you to get pre-approved (or at the very least, get pre-qualified) with a mortgage … Continue reading