‘Brand’ You: Hiring Officials Tips for Good Phone Interviews

Experts on jobipedia.org Provide Practical Advice to Recent Grads As first time job seekers face rounds of interviews this fall, corporate recruiters on jobipedia.org offer advice on an increasingly popular format: phone interviewing. Jobipedia.org Executive Director Michael Z. McGuiness said, “It’s no surprise that questions related to phone interviews have … Continue reading

Depression: Reaching Out and Paying Attention to the Details

  Somewhere along the way, we got a memo saying that we had to be fabulous–all the time. How is this possible? How many of us are pretending to be a superwoman when we are a super wreck? It’s time to re-invent. Re-invention is the process of being honest about … Continue reading

See It, Do It: Create A Vision For Your Life

July 17, 2014 10:00 am By Karen Taylor Bass lifestyle Do you feel stuck in your relationship, finances, career and life? Worry no more. It’s time to channel you inner Oprah and create your best life now. If you’re a stay-at-home mom CEO or seeking career change/positioning and individuals, I … Continue reading

Real Talk: 3 Careers Until Seven Brown Found Her Calling As A Skincare Expert

How many times do you press RESET? As many times as you need to live and fulfill your passion and bliss. Meet Seven Brown. She is a native New Yorker, bilingual, a mother of four (ages ranging from 11 to 27), a grandma, and she’s embracing her third reset career … Continue reading

Saturday Chai Chat: Networking Is Everything

Forget about what you know. Ask: who do I know? Networking with the right people is the ultimate resource. I recently scored an appearance on ABC’s popular Sunday show, Here and Now, to promote my business/brand and all it took was a little outreach to my contacts. When was the … Continue reading

5 Emotions to Watch Out for in Your Relationship with Money

Understanding Underlying Feelings Can Free Women for Financial & Personal Success, Says Business Coach Everyone has a relationship with money, but for women, it’s much more fraught with emotion, says Meriflor Toneatto.  When we avoid and ignore those emotions, we allow them to quietly guide our decision-making – which inevitably … Continue reading