Got 5 Minutes: Get Unplugged And Lose The Distractions

Are you feeling super distracted? Maybe getting unplugged for a day is what you need to get unblocked. As we get ready to usher in fall, I am ready to unplug for one day and regain my sanity. Do you feel like your kids, partner, boss and bestie always need a response … Continue reading

Mommy Options: Rain Check Babies, Fertility and Adoption

photo credit: Yvette Gayle   First, the facts: Nearly one million women in the United States are put on bed rest each year due to pregnancy complications that can result in pre-term birth. Three out of four Black women will be diagnosed as “high risk” leading to bed rest. Yvette … Continue reading

Reset: How To Grow A Successful Business

The National Association of Women Business Owners says there are 8.6 million firms owned by women today.  And despite the remarkable progress women have made, the competition is fiercer than ever.  So what are some ways that women can dominate their market share? Robin Wilson knows all about success, having … Continue reading

Fall Must-Have: Prayer Circle, Goals and Sisterhood

Join me on September 13th for an unforgettable brunch to kickoff fall and help you press RESET. From the prayer circle to the lavish buffet brunch, guest speakers, networking and tapping into your greatness in a loving atmosphere. We salute our sponsor, Prudential for believing in the vision and power … Continue reading

Brand You: Spice Up Your Brand With Good Strategic Partnerships

  You are who and what you know. There is nothing better than strategic partnerships to help grow your brand, however finding the best partnership can become tricky and costly. A strategic partnership can be defined as an informal alliance between two friends/organization/company, with each possessing resources that will help … Continue reading