Scary New Research Says Most Job Listings Are Designed to Repel Women

Sometimes when I read news that I don’t like, I physically pull back from my computer screen, as if I expect the distance to make the facts less true, less threatening. It’s dumb, I know, but I do it anyway. Like this morning, when I readthe just-published report that many job listings … Continue reading

Brand Finance: Don’t Blow Your Budget by Overlooking This One Item

Do you constantly blow your budget month after month no matter how hard you try to stick to it? You’ve accounted for housing, utilities, groceries, dry cleaning, etc. But for some reason, you keep failing to meet your budget goals. You might think you blew your budget because of an … Continue reading

Real Talk: A Young Black Male Life Is Worth More Than A Pair Of Air Jordans

  I am a mom. My son is almost 6’0”, a freshman in high school and, on any given day, Sebastian is rocking his fave NBA player on his feet – Lebron James and Kevin Durant. He dresses like the typical Black male – hoodie, jeans, sneakers and baseball cap. Yep, … Continue reading