Did you think you could re-invent all on your own? I learned the hard way that I had to seek help and hire a coach. Welcome to the essential ‘brand’ resource center — proven, tested, and, guaranteed tools to empower every ‘brand’ new momma.

Now it’s time to resurrect that burning business idea which has been dormant for years.

Are you ready to become ‘brand’ new and transform your passion into a successful business?

The Brand New Mommy (TBNM) approach is simple, yet effective. We work with each mommy/entrepreneur  to showcase her “authenticity” and redefine “brand.”

Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert & The Brand New Mommy has been a public relations strategist for over twenty-one years and has empowered and provided winning results for A-List celebrities, best-selling authors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and ‘brand’ new mommies. (Google us — we hate to brag).

Services:*Call for pricing unless otherwise noted; prices range from $250-$10,000.

It’s All About Branding

Brand Yourself Style Workshops:

Lets have a ‘Brand’ party!

Your life has changed but your skills are still in-demand (per the media). Tap into your greatness, clear the clutter, and take the steps to renew and redefine your brand.

Learn about a public relations plan, identify your niche, logo, website, blogs, press release, pitch letter, the difference between marketing and branding, and, how to become a category of one in the marketplace. Did we mention social media tools?

A ‘Brand’  party can be customized for your group. Call for details and client list.

TMM Speakers Kit: Call Taylor Made Media for pricing 516-537-8591
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Strategic PR Coaching: Reserve 1 hour with the PR Expert and get your mind spinning, ideas flowing and a plan of action for crafting your “aha” moment.

*All coaching sessions must be scheduled within a 6 month window

Retail: $250.00
a 3% transaction processing fee will be added to each order


Keynote Speaker: Book Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert & The Brand New Mommy as speaker for your group/organization. *Email contactus@thebrandnewmommy.com for pricing* Client list can be provided upon request

CD: Branding Tips To Win
Be Your Own Publicist On A Shoestring Budget

Retail: $20.00
a 3% transaction processing fee will be added to each order
Standard Shipping: $3.50
Overnight Shipping: $20.00


BOOK: You Want Caviar But Have Money For Chitlins:
A Smart PR Guide For Those On A Budget

108 pages
ISBN #0-9759106-1-2
Retail (soft cover): $15.95
a 3% transaction processing fee will be added to each order
Standard Shipping: $3.50
Overnight Shipping: $20.00
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eBOOK: You Want Caviar But Have Money For Chitlins:
A Smart PR Guide For Those On A Budget

50 plus pages
Retail (soft cover): $13.99
a 3% transaction processing fee will be added to each order

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  1. I’ve always been interested in participating in a coaching session, and after speaking with Karen, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. Although my product is featured in October’s edition of O, The Oprah Magazine, I walked into our meeting feeling unsure about my marketing vision and about the direction in which I wanted to take my product. By the time the session was over, I had a renewed sense of purpose and I had in hand a roadmap that would guide me to take my business to the next level. Karen tapped into my core essence and by asking the right questions, the hard questions, she helped me to identify my authentic self – that place that is unique for each of us. Once Karen peeled back all of the layers that I was buried beneath, I truly felt an enourmous pressure released from my being. Working with Karen for this brief time has enabled me to feel confident and clear in my role as a mommy, wife, and business owner because I now know that I am the “brand,” and after working with Karen, I am a Brand New Mommy. This all happened in one session, so I can’t wait to see what happens in the next. Thank you Karen!

  2. “Karen Taylor Bass is the ultimate PR coach. Her knowledge and professionalism are underscored by her no nonsense style that yields profitable results.”

  3. Karen Taylor Bass is excellent, creative, and dynamic media pro in the business. She provides an entrepreneurial blueprint for success for example, stating that “Thinking out of the box, Box doesn’t exist.” I’m a seasoned communications professional but I was feeling stale & I needed to take our companies brand and clients to the next level. I enrolled in Karen’s boot camp and it was the best investment I made. I owe a lot to Karen’s. I was pushed, challenged, and encouraged not to be afraid to be innovative creative and build a brand. I have all of my notes and I apply it daily.

    Our clients are pleased with our professional services that we’ve been receiving referrals for business outside of Philadelphia. Our marketing outreach strategy for new business, pricing, branding, and speaking engagements has been revamped due to the business coaching and tips from Karen. She taught me not to undervalue any of my talents, skills and relationships. She also stated “don’t give any advice for FREE.

    We also incorporated quarterly Philanthropy outings for staff to give back to the community. It brings all of us joy and a sense of purpose for living when we’re
    doing something for organizations and families that are less fortunate.

    Thanks Karen and keep up the great work.

    Darisha K. Miller
    Director of Media Relations
    Ross Associates, Inc

  4. Karen,

    Thank you so much for speaking with during our coaching call. The information that you provided was priceless and I look forward to further developing my ideas and working with you in the near future!! Thanks again!

  5. Karen, thank you so much for my PR Coaching session. Your ideas and suggestions were clear, concise and extremely important to the growth of my business. You are very detailed and have a wonderful ability to give constructive criticism in a positive and uplifting way. I walked into the session lacking clarity on branding and the overall vision for my Company’s growth. After the session ended, I had a clear understanding of branding and what it means, which left me feeling empowered, confident and capable of taking my Company to the next level. The layers of fear and uncertainty felt like they were literally peeling away from me. I understand that each business venture is a work in progress and it’s important not to place limitations on what I should do. I HAVE THE POWER and the ability to achieve great success. Thank you for helping me not only to believe it, but to KNOW it.

    Marsha Page
    CEO, Marsha’s Makeovers, Inc.

  6. It is no accident that I connected with the talented, the gifted, the expert Karen Taylor Bass. The wealth of information, tips, and strategies provided in our coaching session are the essential tools my business needs to move out of dormancy and into the successful path of (hyper)-activity. I thank you Karen for the reinvention in you that has allowed so many of us to reinvent.

    All My Best,

    Blue Marble Body Care

  7. We met at a small business pitch competition in Harlem that you moderated. Congrats on the book release and signing. Just wanted you to bring to your attention a correction on your Site. But seeing as you yourself don’t give advice for free, not quite sure you’d be interested. Let me know if you’d care to work something out as a mutual courtesy. You may now see it yourself, if you look closely enough, after I have indirectly brought it to your attention.

    Warm Regards

  8. Thank you for the note and pointing out the typo. #Blessings

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  10. OMG! My coaching experience with Karen Taylor Bass was amazing! Totally amazing. The 1 hr coaching gave such incredible business food that it felt like I was in an actual seminar that was just for me, tailored for me. The session re-directed my business thought, and frame of mind. I feel success already! I can’t wait to start my custom package in which I’ve already paid and signed up for!

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  13. swim swim swim I SAY is a company started in 2009 after a forced career change. I was not savvy about social media, branding, web sites or P.R. experts but knew, all the above were EXTREMELY important to compete in today’s business world. I was introduced to Karen Taylor Bass approximately 6 months after being in business and invested in my company by purchasing a private coaching session. Karen immediately explained after reviewing all my materials how the web site’s present look wasn’t going to work, grow my business or attract the clients I wanted. Some of you may think that was harsh but I asked for this advice and she was doing just that. Think of it as this, you don’t ask a question, you don’t want the answer too because you may not like the answer! Karen’s honesty and expertise was what I paid for and she delivered.

    Over the next 3 years as the company expanded, I continued to invest with additional coaching sessions. Karen orchestrated and guided swim swim swim I SAY’s progress and also asked for my patience when I felt I was media ready but Karen knew I wasn’t. Remember, you only get one shot at a first impression with the media so you better do it right and make it count.

    This year, 2013, has been my best to date. I hired Karen to represent/navigate my company through an event that with the right P.R. person could provide the major media coverage I was now ready to present to. Karen drafted a road map of media outlets that she felt would best be drawn to the event and my company. The results from that investment were: 1) an interview on a major NYC evening news show, 2) an interview for a syndicated TV show, 3) national internet newspaper ran a story, 3) local paper printed an half a page article, 4) a Japanese paper similar to the NY Times is running an article, and 5) 2(two) national magazines are featuring my story/ and or my company. And there are still request we have not fulfilled to date.

    Karen Taylor Bass presents a very unique business enterprise under one umbrella. Branding, reinvention guidance, P.R. expertise, social media navigation, web site recommendations, company literature analysis and business development, wrapped up all in one person. You get what you pay for and I hit the jackpot meeting Karen. Invest in your company, move in the right direction and, hire Karen for her expertise to get you there. You must be open to Karen’s suggestions, changes and direction. She will work to move your company strategically but YOU, as the client, must be open to the changes and willing to look at your journey on a different path then prior to her guidance. If you do this, their can be a pot of gold and success at the end of the rainbow.

    Agnes Davis
    Swim swim swim I SAY

  14. I really enjoyed my coaching session with Karen Taylor Bass. She opened my eyes to new things for my company, SAJ Media LLC. I cannot wait to get started implementing some key components to help grow my business. Karen is a true professional. She understands branding and PR.

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