Beauty Reset: Doreen Motton Created Satin Hydration Therapy Pillowcases To Save Our Hair

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Raise your hand if you are looking for a simple product to save your hair, restore sheen and keep the sexy in the morning? This week’s reset is about beauty, tapping into your intellectual property, filling a void in the marketplace and taking a chance to promote, restore and brand you.

Meet Doreen Motton. A former Vice President of Marketing with Citigroup who decided it was time to stop complaining about the lack of hair/beauty products available to women and create the Satin Hydration Therapy® pillowcases to restore tresses. “I’m no different from any other woman, looking to improve what age, trends and a busy, on-the-go life can do to skin and hair. After years of chemical hair treatments and sun-kissed summer damage, my stressed-out locks were in the worst shape ever. My skin started to lose its glow and I looked for help in 4-ounce jars and tubes. My goal was to find a simple, all-in-one solution that didn’t break my pocketbook, rejuvenated me effortlessly and guaranteed real results. Couldn’t find one, so I created my own,” says, Motton, Founder and President of Neero & Ana, Incorporated.

Her company is a manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of a lush line of nature-inspired satin pillowcases for the savvy consumer. Low maintenance, healthy hair and slowing down the effect of aging hair were the impetus that birthed Neero & Ana’s brand of bedtime sleepers. Neero & Ana has received noteworthy accolades from top beauty magazine editors, medical doctors, cancer charities, an impressive celebrity base as well as literally thousands of online customers worldwide. Her company was nominated, “Beauty Brand of the Year” by the Health & Beauty Association in 2010.


Recently, I spoke with Doreen about taking an idea from conception to delivery; navigating the challenges of launching a product; staying motivated, and pressing RESET.

Brand New Mommy: Tell us about Neero & Ana and the inspiration to launch the company?

Doreen Motton: Honestly – I started this company because I believe in a no-fuss, low maintenance beauty routine. The journey of getting older, rediscovering self and getting to a simpler life is what made me want to take a chance on an idea; the feedback from women (young and old) kept me striving to perfect the product so that everyone could understand that beauty wellness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

BNM: Tell me about the Satin Hydration Therapy pillowcases?

DM: My hairdresser recommended that I invest in a satin pillowcase to protect my hair and style from damage. I tried many different pillowcases and realized that satin pillowcases are not created equal. Not only is pricing important but material, weight and durability. After not having success with the result, I decided to create a prototype for the Satin Hydration Therapy® pillowcase. It was my goal to not only restore hair, but also minimize breakouts by using organic products.

BNM: Tell us about the benefits of using your line of pillowcases versus others?

DM: Great question. Satin Hydration Therapy is different from most in the marketplace today as they are made from a heavy weight, plant cellulose based acetate bridal satin. The workmanship is meticulous (inside & out) and is anti-absorbent. Most popular brands sold in retail stores are made from polyester and 100% synthetic. Also, as it relates to price point – the Satin Hydration Therapy® pillowcase retails for $31(single) and other brands, $30 (pair).


BNM: How does your pillowcase protect our hair and minimize breakage?

DM: A majority of us, struggle with dry, weakening hair. Add chemical relaxers, colorants, weaves and hair stress to the mix and you get hair that’s continually fragile and prone to breakage and thinning. The less you manipulate your hair (from heat, hot styling tools, weave glues, etc.) the stronger and healthier it becomes. If it’s difficult to do during the day, it definitely needs a break at night (no pun intended). Satin Hydration Therapy® maintains a smooth, flawless surface so that hair & and face receive gentle cushioning while you sleep. Hair isn’t tugged, pulled or broken and has plenty of air & moisture to thrive. No bonnets or scarves needed.

BNM: What was your big break with the Satin Hydration Therapy®?

DM: I’ve been blessed and coming from a marketing background I assembled a team (PR Strategist), researcher, manufacturer and attorney to work with me on the development and execution of the product. My publicist scored a feature in Ebony magazine; I was invited to the NAACP Image Awards to meet and gift celebrities when a producer read my story in Ebony; Mega celebrity Jane Fonda selected my pillowcase as the gift of choice for the Women in Media awards show; an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show increased sales; and receiving celebrity endorsements from: Kimberly Elise and Lily Tomlin took my brand to new heights.

BNM: What was the start-up cost to launch product line?

DM: My initial expenses were: supplies, research, legal fees/registration, travel, marketing, material and manufacturers – totaling about $25,000. I used savings to get the business off the ground.

BNM: What has been your biggest challenge to date?

DM: I would say growing the brand; maintaining high quality, while keeping pricing competitive and adding relevant products that address the real needs of a trending population & understanding the changes in beauty care for younger women & men

BNM: Favorite quote to keep you motivated?

DM: My favorite quote is by Michael Jordan. He says, “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
BNM: How did you press RESET?

DM: By being patient, embracing social media, trusting God and understanding that challenges are just that – challenges – not a definition of my success, growth and determination.

Karen Taylor Bass, an award winning PR Expert, media coach, best-selling author and Brand Mom. Follow Karen @thebrandnewmom.



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