#Reset: Tips For Maintaining Your Personal Brand Online & Offline

Courtney Rhodes

Courtney Rhodes

We live in a world where our first thoughts are to go public with our inner thoughts on social media not realizing that the world is watching. Unfortunately, if you wear your emotions on your sleeve, you might want to consider walking away from your fave PDA (personal digital assistant) before you press send and ruin your personal brand.

Branding is an authentic experience you deliver each time someone interfaces with you online or offline. Real talk: You are constantly being watched and one tweet can lead to unemployment, loss of a promotion and public embarrassment.  It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or everyday person. Your tweets, pictures, posts and comments are all part of your personal branding.

Courtney Rhodes is a brand strategist, founder of TheBrandistaGuide.com and CEO of Urbanity Communications, a boutique brand marketing consulting firm based in Atlanta. “Maintaining both a strong online and offline brand is becoming increasingly important as more companies and potential clients are performing digital background checks on who they choose to do business with,” says Rhodes.

Courtney spent six years in media sales at Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia), where she managed and trained sales teams, built corporate and community partnerships, and grew revenue for media properties. Having worked extensively with top advertising agencies, PR firms, marketing directors, and entertainment executives and sports franchises during her tenure at Clear Channel, she has a knack for identifying and analyzing brands’ needs.

Recently, I chatted with Courtney Rhodes on the importance of reputation brand management in a digital age, leveraging one’s brand and pressing #RESET.

This RESET is dedicated to building a stronger, smarter and authentic brand you.  Read my interview here: http://madamenoire.com/520644/tips-for-maintaining-your-personal-brand-online-offline/

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