Reset: Never Give Up. Meet Jewelry Designer Sandy Baker


Sandy Baker Jewelry

Sandy Baker Jewelry

When I started to write this column, RESET, a year ago, I wanted to tell our story of courage, determination, challenges, love and moxie. Real talk: We all need weekly motivation to stay committed, forgive self and allow the universe to work. This week’s RESET is about staying encouraged, creating a new road map, and walking into your destiny.

Meet this week’s resetter, Sandy Baker. Her name might not be familiar to you (yet), but her jewelry has adorned the likes of Julia Roberts, Natalie Cole, the late Dr. Maya Angelou and FLOTUS, Michelle Obama.

Baker has been an artist and tinkerer as far back as she can remember. Beginning in childhood with pencils and crayons, she soon moved on to Popsicle sticks, aluminum foil, colored tape, paint and clay, then to steel dapping tools, hammers, a jewelers bench block, a soldering torch and a flexible shaft. Being a Black woman in the jewelry industry has not always been easy for her, but she never gave up the vision to have her jewelry sold in stores, shown in galleries, museums, and magazines and celebrated by both famous and everyday people.

Recently, I interviewed Sandy Baker about finding one’s voice, inspiration and pressing #RESET. Read the entire story:

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