From His Mouth: What Women Should Know About Men & Video Games

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As a married woman, I must admit this plain fact: I don’t play, understand, or watch video games. You? I find them pointless, but my husband enjoys them and once he goes into his man-cave, it might be several hours before he comes upstairs for air.

I know I’m not alone when it comes to not understanding or caring about video games, comic books and so many other experiences that men enjoy. Trust me – I’ve tried to ‘get into it’ as a spouse, spectator and friend. Real talk: It’s just not my thing.

Today’s reset is about giving our men a chance to vent, communicate and share with us what we should know about men and video games. Hopefully, we can press RESET in our relationship, grow closer and learn a thing or two about men. I transcribed a conversation that I had with my hubby, Andrew, this past weekend about what women should know about men and video games. I pledge to do better.

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