Beauty Reset: The ‘Selfie’ Craze & Striving For Perfection

Dr. Shirley Madhere

Dr. Shirley Madhere


Let me tell you – perfection is overrated and the quest to get there can be expensive. I am a grown woman and (now) cherish my beauty imperfections. My selfies always showcase a pronounced double chin, crooked smile, a right eye, which seems a tad smaller, and with that said, I have accepted and love my flaws, but that’s just me.

Dr. Shirley Madhere, popular plastic/reconstructive surgeon (featured in Town & Country, More, Essence, Dr. Oz Show, Extra!) based in New York, who practices using a holistic approach says, “I have seen an increase in procedures (primarily facial) due to the preponderance of selfies. Many people want to put their best face forward, whether for employment opportunities, a love match, or to showcase their beauty. It’s my job to listen, understand and propose a holistic approach to my clients for long-term success, not just for Facebook or Instagram.”

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says one in three plastic surgeons reported seeing an increase in requests for facial procedures by patients who wanted to look better online. The doctors reported, that between 2012 and 2013, they saw a 10 percent rise in nose jobs, a 7 percent rise in hair transplants and a 6 percent rise in eyelid surgery. According to Dr. Madhere, she’s seeing patients ranging in age from 25 to 65 with the average age being around 45. The most popular request she gets is lip and breast augmentation. Read more of my post at Madame Noire.

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