Food Reset: 50 Shades of Yummy Chicken Nuggets

The Nugget Spot in Manhattan

The Nugget Spot in Manhattan

What do you do when the children are home from school for a week and making lunch has become an absolute chore? Simply press #RESET, get on the train and eat at The Nugget Spot – hottest kid friendly joint in Manhattan.

Chef Jason Hairston

Chef Jason Hairston

The Nugget Spot is owned by Chef Jason Hairston, NY native and all around nice guy. Chef Jason Hairston grew up in Manhattan, in an Italian family who loved to eat. From Sunday dinners, to traditional holiday feasts, food often played a central role in his childhood.  At The Nugget Spot, Hairston brings the same sprit of improving beloved dishes that inspired him to enter the culinary world to begin with. Hairston hopes to elevate the humble chicken nugget into a culinary treat that the whole family can enjoy, cutting the nuggets from never-frozen, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken breasts every morning and tossing them in a classically seasoned flour crust as well as more adventurous coatings like cheese crackers, Captain Crunch-like cereal, and everything bagel seasoning.

*Yummy Treat: Each flavor of nugget comes with a house-made dipping sauce, like a basil-laced ranch and a 16-ingredient BBQ sauce. Catfish nuggets, vegan gluten-free polenta nuggets, and mozzarella nuggets are also available, as well as a slew of delicious sides like nacho mac and cheese and brussels sprouts roasted in garlic oil.

Must Have: Tso Tswag (Chef Jason’s take on General Tso’s Chicken)

Tso Swag Chicken Nuggets

Tso Swag Chicken Nuggets

What to Know: Everything is made to order, fresh and absolutely NO fillers.

Catering: Yes.

Comfort Quotient: Bar stool seating, high counters and not ideal for younger children (under age of 5), however, takeout is available and popular.

Chill Friendly: Absolutely. Chef Jason Hairston is approachable and enjoys interacting with the customers.

My babies chillin' with Chef Jason Hairston

My babies chillin’ with Chef Jason Hairston

The Nugget Spot: 230 E. 14th Street (Between 2nd & 3rd Ave)





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