Mommy Motivation: Jamie Fleming-Dixon, Founder, SheRunsIt

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Each week we salute a ‘brand’ mom at The Brand New Mommy; a mom who is reinventing her personal brand post-childbirth and pressing reset while on the journey of life and bliss.

Jamie and Nailah

Meet this week’s Brand Mom, Jamie Fleming-Dixon.

Blessed Asset:  Nailah Marie (3 months)

Current position: Founder/editor of chief of, an online magazine

In Jamie’s words:

My brand has changed post-childbirth; allowing self to flow, stay in the moment and realize that perfection does not exist is essential when embracing motherhood. As a first time mom, I understand the importance of creating a legacy. Although balance is challenging (now), I am in love with my baby. Writing is my passion and created a print magazine, FlyyFemaleFabulous, however, after I had my baby, time and money was of the essence. Rebranded and launched an online destination for female entrepreneurs called, SheRunsIt. SheRunsIt celebrates female entrepreneurs living their dreams and making bold choices. My magazine captures all it takes to win.”

Jamie’s Time-out:

What makes you happy? A great book, currently reading, Happy Women Live Better by Valerie Burton.

Tell me about your passion? Inspire and motivate women to live their most fabulous lives however they define, write and see it.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Chocolate.

What makes you mad? I’m in a good space and in bliss.

Complete the sentence:  I love me because: I’m a unique individual determined to succeed with my own business.  Will never give up, love and appreciate life.

Does supermom exist?  I think that it depends on the definition. I have my business, marriage, child, and in this season my daughter is the priority.

How have you and hubby stayed connected since birth of Nailah? We make time for each other and when he is off, it’s date night.

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