Pamper and indulge your diva-ways for only $50 Dollars during #SpaWeek

I love being touched, pampered, whipped and massaged by the best hands in the business … you?

Spa Week is right around the corner, October 10-16, and ONLY the best spas are participating nationally and offering yummy prices — $50 dollars for treatments.

At TBNM, we are all about renew, redefine, and reinvention and nothing beats exfoliating, relaxing and de-stressing to arriving at your ‘best’ self.

Recently, I attended a #SpaWeek/ event and was completely spoiled by Enrique, owner of Face-to-Face NYC day spa. Enrique’s magic hands worked by stress points and then Diane (aesthetician) worked her powerful fingers all over my face and delivered a relaxing facial.

Take great care and indulge in wellness this fall. Book your reservation and see participating spas in your area for ONLY #50dollartreatments.

Here’s to you!

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  1. Great interview and information. Must do #spaweek. Thank you, Ms. Bass.

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