It was 12 years ago, I met a poet from Philly named …

Jill Scott and Idris Elba performing on BET Awards

Yeah, it was a mere twelve years ago, I met Jill Scott at a concert and pitched my company to represent her brand and got the job.

See interview on ‘Brand New You’ on Black

It was from 1999-2000 when I researched and created the media campaign for the brilliantly written and executed album, ‘Who Is Jill Scott?’

So many things have happened since that moment — it’s called life.

I resigned after 7 years, with a feeling of ultimate satisfaction and exhaustion — many albums, tours, magazine covers, TV and more TV (Oprah too).

At the end of the day — our friendship has had many challenges, however, we are purely authentic with each other, sharing motherhood stories, business strategies and girlfriend love.

If you have not yet picked up The Light of The Sun,’ let me tell you … it’s damn brilliant! Hope you will support and help to make the album #1.

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  1. Great interview with Ms. Jill Scott- why can’t we watch the interview from your site?

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