Fashionable Moms: Keeping it Cool and Chic

By Naima Turner During the summer months, when the heat is intense and your schedule is packed, figuring out what to wear to withstand the heat may seem like a chore. Sure, staying cool is top of mind, but keeping your image together in spite of the high temperatures and … Continue reading

Marvel Universe Live: Best Place to Unleash Inner Creativity

  Summer. An amazing season filled with hot weather, casual Fridays and yes, tons of responsibilities. When was the last time you channeled your inner creativity? The freedom to see things bigger than life, dream about possibilities and get a moment to revel with like-minded individuals? It’s been a long … Continue reading

What To Do When A Customer Says Your Price Is Too High

  By: BRAD SHORR In sales, taking a customer’s statements at face value often leads to trouble. For one reason or another, customers often tell salespeople one thing when they mean something entirely different. Their motives are not always sinister — indeed, sometimes customers are only trying to spare a … Continue reading

Real Talk: Are Your Friends Adding to Your Net Worth?

  According to, African Americans starting a business grew three times the national rate, however, the challenge was staying in business longer than a year. Here is why: Most people prepare to launch a business, however, not stay in business. As a PR Expert/’Brand’ Mom, I empower my clients … Continue reading

12 Things No One Told You About Building Your Career

 by Marietta E. Gentles Truth be told, all the college in the world couldn’t prepare you for what happens in the “real world”. At some point we all started wet behind the ears and ready to take on the world. If you’re a seasoned professional, your ears are probably now … Continue reading

Real Talk Wednesday: Are You Running From What’s Holding You Back?

When was the last time you got good and dirty and touched yourself? You know, getting to that place where you are stripped naked to reach a mind-blowing climax? Stop it! Get your mind out the gutter. I’m talking about taking a personal inventory to dig deep, expose your flaws, challenges … Continue reading

Real Talk: I Might Be Old School But This PR Tip Still #1

    Press Release: More relevant to standout than social media Recently I wrote on Facebook that having a strategic press release in your arsenal is one of the best ways to procure an opportunity – the feedback/questions kept rolling and I decided to break it down. Many emailed and … Continue reading

You Can Do It: 4 Easy Steps To Create A Vision Board For Your Life

July 17, 2014 10:00 am By Karen Taylor Bass lifestyle Do you feel stuck in your relationship, finances, career and life? Worry no more. It’s time to channel you inner Oprah and create your best life now. If you’re a stay-at-home mom CEO or seeking career change/positioning and individuals, I … Continue reading

Summer Envy: Blue Ivy Is Having The July We Want

Photo: Courtesy of It’s already mid-July. Take a minute to quietly freak out about how summer is slowly slipping through your fingers. Now, what remarkable, carpe diem things have you done so far this summer? Perhaps you’ve gone to the beach. Hopefully, you’ve done a boatload of outdoor dining … Continue reading