Mommy Business: Cracking the Code to Innovation

7 Steps That Guarantee Success  Everyone says they want innovation in their organization, but when an ambitious employee offers it to a CEO, for example, the idea is often shot down, says Dr. Neal Thornberry, faculty director for innovation initiatives at the Naval Postgraduate School in California. “Senior leaders often … Continue reading

Idris and Taraji ‘No Good Deed’ Answers Movie Box Office Blues

The formula was simple: good plot, action, attractive actors and diverse cast. Result: ‘No Good Deeds’ #1 at box office Will Packer continues to teach  Hollywood the power of his mojo and the popularity of black actors  with Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson. Read the story at LA Times:  … Continue reading

365 Days Fitness: 6 Reasons Swimming Should Be Year Round

Agnes Davis, CEO of swim swim swim I SAY, the only female owned and operated swimming company based in Upper Manhattan servicing Harlem and the Bronx is on a health crusade to get children and adults into the water all year long. Fall through winter classes begin on September 20; … Continue reading

Why Has There Never Been an Unemployment-Themed Reality TV Show?

With the Right Help, the Whole Cast Could be Winners, Says Employment Strategist After perusing the many niches of reality TV — well-to-do housewives in multiple major cities, the rugged Alaska lifestyle, and working the dirtiest jobs known to man — employment strategist Richard B. Alman wonders why we haven’t … Continue reading

Got 5 Minutes: Get Unplugged And Lose The Distractions

Are you feeling super distracted? Maybe getting unplugged for a day is what you need to get unblocked. As we get ready to usher in fall, I am ready to unplug for one day and regain my sanity. Do you feel like your kids, partner, boss and bestie always need a response … Continue reading